Walagaay – Left Field 2 Project


Paris_Norton_OurGirls copy20161012-left-field-II-firestation-exhibit-73


In 1915 an amendment to the Aborigines Protection Act gave the Aboriginal Protection Board the legal sanction to forcibly remove any Aboriginal child without parental consent and without a court order. Aboriginal girls were sent to homes established by the Board to be trained for a life of domestic servitude. These children, like ghosts, were gone without a trace. It is unknown how many Aboriginal children were taken away due to poor record keeping, the loss and destruction of records and the ignorance of authorities. Our Girls is a representation of the young women who were victims of this system and left absent from records and memory. This is an opportunity for these girls to be showered in the warmth of love, kindness, beauty, respect and recognition; something they went without for a lifetime.

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