Conversation with Country


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One foot in from of the other

A slow dance between earth and skin

Yaama Gunii  Dhawun it’s me your kin

You’ve been away too long Miyay she tells me in the wind

Sit, be still, let your eyes tell me where you have been

I’ve seen mountains and rivers that look like you

Are they your Dhagaan? because they talk to me too

I’ve been walking a thin line between the worlds that I belong

waiting patiently, listening to hear your song

She squawks at me through the cockatoo

you think you have abandoned me I see it on your ngulu

Our veins run with the same rivers we feel shade from the same tree

we will always be together you and me

I know you will return yinarr un-tense your back

spend time today just following my tracks

so keep on gathering and don’t stop till your buyal is full

You will come back right on time, you will feel my pull

Yaluu my miyay, Yaluu my gunii

I am once again full in this half cast body.

Paris Norton 2019